Bachelor Party Ideas for Groom

Bachelor Party Ideas for Groom: Groom Shower


Is your friend getting hitched? Are you planning to throw him a grand groom shower party?

Planning a bachelor party is a great and thoughtful idea for the groom in your group. He couldn’t be luckier to get friends who want him to have the most of his bachelorhood days. The idea is fair also; the groom is entitled to have his share of lone time before entering the wedlock. While you have completely gone bananas thinking of the best way to throw him a groom shower, we have handpicked some great bachelorette party ideas for groom. Check them out.

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Bachelor Party Ideas for Groom

If you are planning to throw a bachelor party to the groom, and are wondering about bachelor party ideas for groom, then there are too many things to take care of. From bachelor party dress up ideas to accommodation, you would have to look after many things. But before you do that let us see some wonderful ways to surprise the groom on his bachelor party.

  • Poker Night

Want to know about simple but delightful bachelorette party ideas for groom? If your friend is one who loves playing card games, then you might as well plan a poker night for him and his bevy of friends. This is an easy idea which will definitely turn out well. Just keep it simple and his poker night will not fall like a house of cards.  You could also have his favorite and beer planned for the group.

  • Whiskey Tasting

If he enjoys binges frequently and appreciates whiskey like none other, then this could make the best bachelor party ideas for groom. You could even think of arranging a bartender for him or book a show him where he can indulge in flair bartending. You can plan a good number of cocktails as well coupled with lip-smacking snacks. Get ready to raise a toast to his bachelorhood!

  • Barber Shop Bachelor Party

You would have never thought of it, right? If you are going bonkers about planning his bachelor party and you don’t want to throw a run-of-the-mill party for him, then this is going to be a great idea.  Give him a traditional shaving experience and let him groom himself in the most royal fashion. We are sure he and his friends will have a whale’s time where people will be at his beck and call to treat him like a king.

  • Bonfire and BBQ Party

If he loves hiking and trekking then half the job is done for planning the groom to be party ideas. There are hundreds of trekking event planners who take their pack of crazy trekkers to amazing places. You just have to search for these groups and choose the event suitable for the groom. Ask the managers of the event to arrange a bonfire and BBQ for him. If you want to plan everything on your own, then you can shun the idea of these event managers and have a word your friends and arrange a bonfire party at his home where he relishes his chicken and wine.

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Groom Shower

Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas for Groom

If you are looking for outdoor bachelor party ideas for groom, then you have multifold options. Throwing a groom shower outside becomes easy as you can get lots of amazing places where you can send the groom and his friends to have an enjoyable time.

  • Road Trip

Long and quiet road, his bike, and his friends! What else does your guy need to celebrate his pre-wedding bash? Arrange a road trip for him with his favorite rover along rocky and mountainous terrains. This is will make a perfect blend of an adventurous itinerary and rejoicing your bachelorhood. Make sure you choose the perfect spot that offers him the kind of paths and scenery he likes to drive on.

  • Sports Game

Looking for an excellent groom to be party ideas? If he is an avid player of a sport, then you can consider planning a sports activity for him. You must surely know about his favorite sport. Search for the famous tournaments of that sport which are around the corner and arrange the tickets for him and your friends and he will be thrilled to bits. For instance, if he is a huge cricket fan, book the tickets for his bunch of friends, front row, front seats where he gets every glimpse of the game clear as a wine.

  • Golfing

Golf buffs are always on the hunt for reasons to play the game. Look out for those lush grounds where golf aficionados come to savor in summer and play this gentleman’s game. There are many golf courses which nestle near the hotels and restaurants.

You could also arrange a competition sort of thing for him and your friends. A sunny morning for golf and summerish nights with drinks will make his day. 

  • Ski Trip

Boys just love to try unconventional sports and skiing is one of those things. Do your homework and dig out the best places to enjoy skiing and the hotels nearby which can accommodate your guy and his gang. There are multitudinous resorts which offer amazing dining, lodging, entertainment, and other activities so that the groom makes the most of his last days of bachelorhood. He would be thankful to you for planning this wonderful trip for him.

  • Paintball

To the oblivion of many, paintball facility providers also offer some kick-ass bachelor party packages. Since such events are becoming quite popular, paintball coupled with your wedding celebrations serves as the perfect way to treat the groom. Explore more about the paintball parks and talk to them about what they have to offer to make his bachelor days a little more special.

  • Extreme Sports

If your groom-to-be friend loves adventurous sports, the world is a big place for him. Mountain biking, scuba diving, parasailing, deep-sea diving and what not! You know your guy to be a fan of swimming and azure seas, then you can arrange a deep-sea diving expedition for him and his friends. As he dives deeper into the sea and swims among the marine animals, he will straightway go up the 9th cloud. Though these will not be very affordable bachelor party ideas for groom, but show him some love and throw out something that utterly outwits and delights him.

  • The Casino

The casino is another fun-packed bachelor party ideas for groom. You should definitely consider hiring a party bus for his friends and plan out dinner. Show him the grandeur of the casino and let him try his hand at luck. We are pretty sure that he will have a gala time on the night of the casino. Arrange the best and most lavish accommodation and he will sing your praises.

  • Beach House

Beach lover grooms can have a beach-side bachelor party for groom to enjoy the qualm of his friends beside the calm of the sea. You can plan a beautiful, decorated space dedicated to the groom and his company where they can enjoy some men talks and play games. You can rent a beach house than book expensive hotels where the groom can enjoy some picturesque views of the sea lashing the shore. He can also play beachside volleyball or other games and even bask under the sun.


We hope that the above ideas would have made the picture a bit clearer for you on hosting bachelor party ideas for groom. Since the groom’s wedding is not far, it is high time that you zero in on his bachelor party. There will be too many things to manage, accommodation, bachelor party dress up ideas, tickets, traveling, food etc. So start with the preparations now.

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