Basic Invite Wedding Guestbooks

Basic Invite Wedding Guestbooks


Basic Invite is based in Southern Utah and it has been creating beautiful stationery since 2006! It is 100% online and it is extremely user-friendly. There are millions of combinations you can create for every event in your life. There is something special for every single person!

One thing that Basic Invite offers that I think people seem to forget about is guestbooks. All of the guestbooks have a matching invitation suite, they can be customized to fit your needs, and they are easy to use for all of your guests. You can change the names, fonts, colors, dates, etc on the front cover and spine. Also, some of the guestbooks allow the option to add a photo to the front of the cover as well! It is something that you can keep forever and look back on for years to come.

Wedding invitations are easily the most important thing that you can order from Basic Invite for your big day! There are over 1,200 wedding invitation ideas that you can choose from and create. From a beautiful flay lay option to the create Seal and Send invite. You can select a template and make it to be exactly how you would like with more than 160 color options, over 100 different font styles, and you can add enclosure cards to match! Also, you can create a wedding website through Basic Invite to make everything virtual.

Basic Invite has just about every little thing to add to your order to make it perfect. Thank you, cards, RSVP cards, pockets, stickers, envelopes, and so much more! The enclosure cards are just like everything else offered; they can be customized to perfection. The envelopes can even be personalized. You can choose from over 30 different colors, add a liner, and guest address printing is also free! To make your invites a little bit fancier, you can choose to order a pocket, and your invitation and all of your enclosure cards will fit inside nicely with a belly band wrapped around it all.

Working with is easy to use and it’s stress-free! The customer service team is there to answer all of the questions you may have. Create the most perfect stationery to make your events just a bit more special.

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