Minimalist Wedding Cake Ideas

10 Minimalist Wedding Cake Ideas for Simple Wedding


Imagine a traditional wedding cake. You must have probably envisioned a towering sculpture decorated with a myriad of flowers and ribbons. Its exterior is so polished that you might wonder whether it’s meant for eating or not.

At some weddings, the cake is the most extravagant part of the celebration. But there exists one such thing known as the minimalist wedding cake.

In the recent past, simple wedding cakes have gained a trend in the wedding industry. With couples making a paradigm shift towards simple weddings, simple wedding cake ideas are also becoming popular. The minimalist wedding cakes are the opposite of plain and boring cakes.

The aesthetically pleasing design captures the attention, is easy to understand and relaxing too. Their main focus of pretty simple wedding cakes is on your love for your better half; they simply transform the I Do moments into a memorable fiesta.

From save the date to shapely green installation, simple wedding cakes for small weddings can be complemented with the theme of your celebrations. The perfect blend of simplicity and intentional placement, you can get rustic, classic, vintage, and much more minimalist vision.

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simple wedding cake


The cake is one of the happiest foods across the world. Think about all the yummylicious cakes – red velvet, cupcakes, birthday cake, strawberry shortcake, and the list is endless. Did it give you a good feeling? If so, the following is the list of different types of dessert cakes you should know about:

  • POUND CAKE – The traditional classic cake is baked using one pound each of eggs, butter, flour, and sugar. This delicious, dense is the perfect base recipe for creating several unique variations of cake. Served with either powdered or dusted sugar, or sometimes with a coat of icing, they are an all-time perfect dessert.
  • BUTTER CAKE – Similar to Poundcake, butter cake is lighter in texture due to the presence of the leavening agents (baking soda and baking powder). Considered to be one of the most quintessential cakes in American baking, equal amounts of butter, sugar, flour, and eggs are used to prepare a rich & heavy cake.
  • SPONGE CAKE – This light and airy cake comprise only three ingredients – flour, eggs, and sugar. It is thought to be one of the first non-yeasted cakes. This cake is capable of absorbing several syrups, drizzles, and creams. The sponge cake was discovered much more by the leavening agents. Thus the secret of achieving its height and texture is by whipping the egg for approximately 15 minutes.
  • CUPCAKE – As its name would imply, the cupcake is a small round cake designed to serve one person. Also known as fairy cake or bun cake, it is baked in a small thin paper or an aluminum cup. Sometimes these simple wedding cakes with cupcakes are also decorated with frosting and other decorations such as fruits and candy may be applied.
  • LAYER CAKE – What is more scrumptious than one layer, two or more layers of the cake? The most basic layer cake is two layers of cake, held together by icing, preservatives, or another filling. The best part about such a style of cake is they are both fancies as well as un-fussy which pleases the eye.
  • CHEESECAKE – Are you the one who is fond of rich and creamy desserts? If so, cheesecake should be a must-try. The basic recipe of cheesecake begins with a crust, which is made up of crushed graham crackers or cookies, and a cream with a cheese-based filling. It can always be tailored as per your taste needs.
  • FRUIT CAKE – The perfect blend of brandy and chewing nuts, makes it one of the favourite snack time cakes. Incorporating a rich and herbal flavour, the amber-hued fruit cake is a real treat whenever you have a craving to eat something healthy and sweet. These cakes are usually served at the time of Christmas.
  • MOUSSE CAKE – Planning a candlelit dinner with your partner? Mousse cake is the best treat to start the date. It is also a mouth-watering companion of a bottle of red wine and a romantic night. These cakes are so flavorful that every bite simply melts in the mouth.

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simple wedding cake ideas


Whether you’re looking for a simple wedding cake with flowers or an artist masterpiece to complement the decor, there’s a minimalist cake for everyone. The following breathtaking minimalist wedding cakes idea is going to make your contemporary heart jump in excitement.

  • 1 TIER/LAYER CAKE – A simple wedding cake 1 tier is the perfect dessert of a sweet and simple wedding. Although these cakes are small, they form a big punch. All you need to do is choose the flavour you relish, and quirky topper, flowers, or fresh berries can be used for decoration. If you think one cake won’t fulfill the purpose, you can get multiple single tier cakes that complement each other in their unique way.
  • COOL MARBLE CAKE – To give some modern touch, consider a cool swirling marble cake. Due to their fondant surface, these cakes feel minimal and look like a contemporary marble. These cakes are available in pretty much every colour, but a cool grey makes a classy small wedding cake just for cutting. Since marbling is itself a decoration, a single elegant flower on one of the tiers is all enough to complete the look of the cake.
  • SIMPLE GEOMETRIC SHAPE CAKE – Often, minimalism is referred to as geometric shapes or symmetrical lines. You can give your cake a visual appeal by choosing any geometric shape. Image a white cube cake all decorated with soft pink flowers. What an aesthetic appeal this classic cake with a modern twist will create. Square wedding cakes in themselves look complete. They can also be stacked in tiers or decorated as creative as you like.
  • SINGLE COLOR GRADIENT CAKE – If you’re looking for a minimalist wedding cake with a bit of colour, consider a pretty single colour gradient cake. In such a type of cake, you are allowed to incorporate colour without going astray with lots of colours. It is recommended to choose a single colour to start at the bottom and lighten to white towards the top. This gradient can be created on one single tier or across all tiers.
  • SEMI NUDE CAKE – Nude cakes are layer cakes with no decorations. Nowadays, semi-naked cakes with a classy, thin layer of frosting are up in the trend. Due to their rough textures, these minimalist wedding cakes are eye captivating when they are topped with natural decorative items such as leaves, fresh fruits, and flowers.
  • CAKE WITH A POP OF TEXTURE – Keeping in mind the normal cake decorations, you also have the option of decorating pretty simple wedding cakes with rippled buttercream, coconut, chocolate, and sugar sprinkles. They all form a great option for an otherwise simple and straightforward dessert. These decoratives make your cake unique and interesting while giving it a flavour.
  • CHARMING MASTERPIECE – If you’re looking to try your hand at creating a simple wedding cake – kudos to you. The masterpiece will create a sense of personal touch than the one created by the professional. If you’re hosting a small gathering for your wedding, then you need a small wedding cake just for cutting. Get in the kitchen and be creative and make your guests feast on the sweet masterpiece you created.


A cake forms an important part of celebrations. However, the cake you choose for the celebration should have a unique taste, even if it is a simple minimalist wedding cake. By using some of the ideas mentioned above, you are sure to make your wedding cake delicious and minimal with a modern tweak.

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