Plus Size Maternity Wedding Dresses

10 Trendy Plus Size Maternity Wedding Dresses


If you are reading this, you must be first congratulated for the double blessing of motherhood and to be a bride shortly. We hope your search for plus size wedding dresses ends with us.

It is because we know from experience what you need, for such a marvelous occasion. Marriage and motherhood celebrated together on the wedding day will sure need something special. Fabulous and pompous plus size maternity wedding gowns could be the right one.

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Tips to Choose the Right Plus Size Maternity Wedding Outfit

Gone are the days when only celebrities had maternity weddings with pride. Now it is common for you to have your curves covered by a fantastic wedding gown on the D-day.

But with too much at stake and the baby kicking in your bump, the ideas below may help you to choose the right plus size maternity wedding dresses.

  • Select your style of maternity wedding gown  

Plus size maternity wedding gowns are rare, and that too, to find one to fit your size and style is a daunting task. The size and style depending on whether you are early or end of your pregnancy. Only it will decide the maternity wedding gown, not only for you but also for your baby.

The two sets of style and size as per the pregnancy gowns have given below may assist you in choosing the right one.

  • Styles & features of gowns for early pregnancy

Mostly women with first pregnancy have a small baby bump. Some may not even be showing it during the all-important wedding day.  If you are one of them, then you are free to have any style you desire.

Some of the fabulous features and styles for your maternity gowns will flatter you to wear on the wedding day with a slight bump include

  1. To divert the attention of the guest from your bump, you can wear strapless or one strap tops
  2. If you wish to hide the bump, it is better to wear skirts with ruffles and layers of fabric
  3. Choose A-line dresses that are flattering to most shapes and sizes of women
  • Flattering wedding gowns to show your bump beautifully

If your beautiful baby is unable to hide on your happiest wedding day, the following features and styles for your wedding gown could be useful.

  1. To wear a supportive bra, you can wear shoulder straps or short sleeves
  2. Choose a gown with lightweight fabric to be cool on the D-day
  3. Wear empire waists to flow over a growing belly
  4. To avoid accidental trip over, wear shorter tea-length skirts
  • Plan your wedding gown for the big day

Plus size maternity wedding dresses, including the wedding gowns, will not be ready as soon as you order for them.  Hence you consult elders in family and doctor for the approximate size of your body and bump. It will help you to get the right size on the wedding day without any embarrassment.

  • Do not restrict your maternity wedding purchase with the only gown

If you are in the shopping for your plus size maternity wedding gown, do not restrict only to it. Use that day to buy all your other plus size maternity wedding dresses like a bridal maternity jumpsuit or a two-piece set for you to sport post-wedding.

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Plus Size Maternity Wedding Gown

Plus Size Maternity Dresses for Wedding Guest

If you are invited to a wedding when you are pregnant, then you sure need a unique maternity dress. Plus size maternity wedding dresses cheap and fashionable are still not an easy task to get. And if you are choosy and want a specific style, then the following tips may help you to get the right plus size maternity wedding dresses

  • Go for versatile shopping to saving money

Maternity dresses for weddings could have only a short span. Once your beautiful baby is out for breastfeeding, the maternity dress could be used for it also. Hence when you buy plus size maternity wedding guest dresses buy cocktail or evening dresses to save money.

Plus Size Maternity Dresses for Wedding

If you plan to have your dream wedding lavishly in unique places or even at low costs, the following plus size maternity dresses could be the right choice. 

  • Mermaid maternity dresses

If you are planning your wedding on the beachside, to make it a special memory, choose this maternity mermaid dress. You can put to rest the notion of pregnant brides are shapeless.

Mermaid dress will help you to flaunt the bump to make you more the center of attraction. But if you are uncomfortable with the congestion of mermaid dress to show your shape, avoid it.

  • Long, glamorous gowns

To give your baby inside the bump enough space to breath and also give an exciting look the long glamorous gowns are the right choice. Coming in many sizes, you could choose one for your size for your big day to by the most stylish maternity bride for everyone to envy.

But care should be taken keep up with the length of the gown and also only the right footwear to make an elegant look with safety also.

  • Dance freely with short lace dresses

If you plan to dance with your bump and husband after the wedding, the short lace dresses are the best choice. They not only show off the bump gracefully but also allows you to dance effortlessly by flaunting your curves. Even this short lace plus size maternity wedding dresses cheap compared to the other costly ones.

  • Select strapless outfit to be like a celeb

If you want to have a look like that of a celebrity in your D day, the right choice is the strapless outfit. It is both sweet and straightforward to give that stunning look of a celeb to make your man proud of you lifelong. It will further accentuate with your bump to make others look at you in pride.

  • Get the jewellery look by crystal embedded or fitted dresses

Crystal fitted, or embedded dresses will add more glamour and make you a vintage gorgeous bride with the bump. Especially if you are not a jewellery person, this crystal embedded dress will give a mesmerizing look to everyone and especially from the one you want much.

plus size maternity dresses for wedding

Plus Size Maternity Wedding Guest Dresses

Being pregnant should not stop you from attending your near and dear ones’ weddings. It may also be a chance to show off your beautiful bump to others with your loving partner. The following are some of the best and beautiful plus size wedding guest dresses

  • Blue floral shirtwaist and V-neck shape: 

This New Look tea dress frames your bump perfectly with a gorgeous jewel blue tone. Costing less than 15 Euros could be the right choice for wearing as a wedding guest.

  • Mamalicious maternity pink ¾ sleeve skater dress

This Dorothy Perkin’s pink three quarter length sleeves are suitable for splendid summer weddings. Though the dress is costing 40 Euros, it looks more expensive with the parallel line detail across the front.

  • Seaside Blue Knot Front Maternity dress 

This dress from Seraphine costs 29 Euros and is a gorgeous blue maternity dress.  A wide range of colours are also available to define your curves and can be used after your baby is born.

Final Words

Maternity and marriage are the two things that every woman wait all their life. Both bring in new bonds to be not separated until death. To have both simultaneously is boon only lucky ones like you can have. Hence to make it unique to be remembered and cherished down the memory lane, it is essential to have the right plus size maternity wedding dresses.

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