Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Poses

10+ Unique Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Poses for Couples


A picture tells a whole story and that’s the secret behind many a spectacular wedding pictures. And opting for a pre-wedding shoot ahead of the main event is a great idea; you can try out a few pre-wedding photo shoot poses, and see how you look.

You may want to check out some of the tips posted below, when it comes to pre-wedding photo shoot poses, or try glancing at our pre-wedding style posing guide.

10+ Unique Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Poses

Run away together

As mentioned earlier, a picture needs to be able to tell a piquant story, one that captures the viewer’s imagination.

So, a picture of both you and your fiancé, running on the seashore, away from the rest of the world on that all important day would only be apt and fitting, to say the least.

Pose on a swing

You can pose with your fiancé on a wooden swing, and as you glance at each other with love and tenderness, which can form the perfect backdrop to your main wedding pictures.

All it requires is for the two of you to sit together, glance at each other lovingly, caress one other with a tender glance and it would form the perfect picture to display to your friends and family later on.

Sky Gazing

You can both lie on your back, gaze into each other’s eyes as well as the sky for that perfect image. This pre-wedding photo shoot should reflect your hopes, ambitions, and aspirations for your new life that you plan to start together.

The kiss

Granted, that you may want to keep this picture but why miss out on an opportunity to melt into each other’s arms. And as you do, you may as well steal a kiss and capture that perfect moment for yourself.

Just make sure that the kiss is tasteful and something that you are both into, for that perfect picture.

Into the wild

If you both love hiking and tend to be a bit carefree, then why not head over to your perfect hiking spot for those spontaneous pre-wedding photo shoot poses?

What’s more, you can also dress for the part and get the images shot in situ.


Why not? After all, everyone needs to let their hair down and get to relax in the midst of some luxury. So check out our pre-wedding style posing guide and choose the perfect location to go with your shoot.

Make it as decadent as you like and get the perfect shot taken, as the both of you enjoy high living.

Get a little creative

A good wedding photographer can really get creative and he can use various tools to jazz an image up so that it really looks spectacular.

You may want to discuss this ahead with your photographer so that he knows exactly what you want and can deliver on the same.


If the weather turns a bit wet, well, you can take the photo shoot indoors and get the images shot as you relax into each other.

There’s nothing that’s more cute or beguiling as a picture of a couple cuddling with one another for both warmth and love. And a picture of the same would indeed be a top headliner at the wedding reception.

Classic automobiles

If either you or your partner happens to be a car aficionado, then you would definitely love posing in classic cars. You can decide the model and see if it is possible to rent the vehicle for the occasion.

Once you do, you should be able to pose for that perfect picture with your loved one, seated right next to you.

Jumping in air

It does sound a tad silly when you say it out loud and they say that being in love is akin to walking on air. Try to capture a pose where you are suspended mid-air, right next to the love of your life.

The trick is to jump up so that the photographer can capture the right moment as you are suspended mid-air, for a brief moment.

Crazy poses

You may want to go the whole hog on crazy pictures; just shoot a few where both you and your fiancé act out a lot of crazy poses.

Granted that this may not be the series of images you would want to show to your parents but it should definitely make an impact amongst your friends.

Side by side

Check out our pre-wedding pose styling guide and you’ll see that the side by side pose is often one of the top picks by most couples.

This pose also happens to be similar to what you would be adopting at your reception. Just glance around, lean into each other as you are side by side and get the photographer to shoot a few images.

Pets and pooches

If you are a pet lover and own more than a few pets, then you may want to include them in your pre-wedding photo shoot poses.

Pets make a wonderful addition to any picture and including them in should help to bring the spontaneity of the images alive.

Walking under the same umbrella

What could be better than to seek shelter from the cold rain under an umbrella? Just picture you and your fiancé standing together under one and covering from the cold rain.

Talk to your photographer and get the image shot perfectly.


These tips and pre-wedding photo shoot poses suggestions should definitely come in handy especially in preparation for the big day ahead. Granted that you would probably be nervous and a pre-wedding shoot can definitely go a long way to getting both you and your fiancé to relax for the big day ahead.

Furthermore, chances are that you would be surrounded by all your relatives and loved ones and are not going to be able to get some quality time alone so you may as well make the most out of the current photo shoot.

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