Pre Wedding Photoshoot ideas

10 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas for a Stunning Wedding Album


Are you getting married soon?

And now looking for some pre-wedding photoshoot ideas?

Well..!! You’ve come to the right place. In this post, I will discuss some incredible pre-wedding shoot ideas and tips. So, keep on reading without skipping.

Maybe you know that a pre-wedding shoot is also known as an engagement shoot. And it basically occurs three to six months before the wedding day.

Although, many would-be couples raise questions on the importance of this shoot but slowly it has gained a lot of popularity. However, pre-wedding photoshoot ideas are important to get an impeccable pre-wedding album.

The pre-wedding photo shoot will be especially helpful for you if you’re going to hire the same photographer for all of your wedding rituals along with your wedding day. You will get to know the shooting style of your photographer and thus you’ll get high-quality pictures.

Now, it’s time to discuss some easy-to-implement pre-wedding photoshoot ideas to frame those moments more beautifully.

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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Go to a Beautiful Place

It is one of the common pre-wedding photoshoot ideas to choose one mesmerizing place that you both prefer or you can also select that place in which you usually used to meet in the initial days of your relationship.
You can also take help of the photographer before finalizing your decision. Beautiful flowers, fountains or architecture will perfectly set the background or environment for your pictures.

Focus on Food

Surprise enough? Yes! It is one of the brilliant pre-wedding photoshoot ideas. Foods could be an integral part of your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Set the venue to that restaurant or cafe in which you usually meet (don’t forget to take the permission of the respective owners).

Order yours’ and your partner’s favourite foods and literally, you don’t need to give any artificial pose. Seeing delicious foods, both of your expressions will be just real and thus all of the pictures will come just perfect. It is going to be one of the best pre-wedding shoot ideas, isn’t it?

Invite Your Furry Friends

Pets are an integral part of your family, right? So, why not take them in your pre-wedding photoshoot?

Your adorable furry friend will increase the cute quotient to a great extent. Moreover, your pet will make your pre-wedding photos incredible and awesome at the same time.

Include Your Friends

Friends have always been by your side in your good and bad days, right? So, inviting them to your pre-wedding photoshoot will be one of the great ideas for pre-wedding photoshoot.

You take suggestions from your photographer about the different poses. All the photos will be awesome and memorable that you could cherish even after so many years.

A Nostalgia Photoshoot

Recreating the environment for different childhood games are another best pre-wedding photoshoot ideas. You can include comics or other such things you preferred as a kid in your photoshoot environment. Ask your photographer about different options in this regard.

A Filmy Style Photoshoot

The drama could be an integral part of your pre-wedding photoshoot season. You and your partner can start selecting some romantic situations of some classic films and pose for the photoshoot. The photos will be stunning and incredible and both of you will also look gorgeous.

The Sweet Home

You heard it right. It’s a great idea to shoot your pre-wedding story in one of your homes (or both of your homes). Set the background as per the preference or let it stay as it is. Casual or fashionable any type of apparel will go well with this environment.

Other than the above ideas, both of you can also pose with sharing some task (such as cooking). Alternatively, the addition of effects is another great idea for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Now, pick the preferred and the most suitable idea that will make your pre-wedding story evergreen.

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pre wedding photoshoot tips

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Tips

Now it’s time to discuss some pre-wedding photoshoot tips so as to help you in the entire process and have some stunning pictures.

An Appropriate Photographer

All of the ideas will work properly when you would hire an efficient photographer. Start finding out a good professional photographer much before your wedding day.

Otherwise, a last-minute rush can be ended up with a blame game. Don’t forget to check his/her previous works to get an idea about the working style of that professional.

Selecting the Location

Pre-wedding photoshoot tips remain absolutely incomplete without discussing the location selection. May it be a beautiful flower garden, a historical site or a popular tourist destination, choose your photoshoot location after consulting with your partner and photographer.

Don’t forget to take permission (if required) from the respective authority before the photoshoot date.

Take Proper Preparation

It is one of the most important pre-wedding shoot tips. After choosing a photographer and selecting the date and destination, it’s time for shopping.

The apparels and accessories will play an important part in your pre-wedding photos in case you’re not going for a casual photoshoot.

Matching colour outfits are a common choice but if you want to think about something extraordinary, ask your photographer. The location, theme, and background play an important role in selecting the best apparels in this regard.

Poses, Confidence, and Body Language

Be confident when both of you are going to be captured for your pre-wedding photos. Ask your photographer about the best poses and the body language will depend on your photoshoot venue and background.

I hope the above tips for the pre-wedding shoot were useful for you and wish you a great pre-wedding photoshoot.


Capturing photos in some exotic locations for pre-wedding photoshoot has become a trend today but it’s completely up to you whether both of you want to be captured in a casual appearance or in a stylish one. The pre-wedding photo shoot ideas of this post will help you a lot.

The debate about the requirement of pre-wedding photoshoot might be continued but if you have already decided about it, just get ready for some perfect clicks. Pre-wedding photo shoots are meant to capture the evergreen moments in both of your life.

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