Winter Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Planning a Dazzling Wedding: Winter Wedding ideas on a Budget


Generally, summer and spring are regarded as the wedding seasons, but the trend is changing. More and more people now choose to have a wedding in the colder months. And why not? After all, winter wedding allows individuals to save a significant amount of money and make budgeted arrangements. With heavy competition among holiday retailers, people may find flexibility in options and wonderful winter wedding theme ideas at a fraction of the usual cost. So here we come with a few fantastic winter wedding ideas on a budget for you.

You have reached the right destination if you’re planning a winter wedding and looking for potential winter wedding ideas on a budget for the décor, venue and other arrangements. This article will guide you in adding a little festive cheer to “cold” wedding. Before discovering, the winter wedding ideas on a budget, take a glance at the points to be considered when arranging for the event.

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Tips for winter wedding ideas on a budget:


Finding Best Wedding Venue

Be creative, when looking for cheap wedding venues. You can bring out your creative best and still plan an amazing winter wedding ideas on a budget. It can be daunting to find reasonably priced event locations because of the holiday parties during the winter months. Often “Outdoorsy” locations are overlooked. While choosing botanical gardens and parks for a wedding in the extreme weather is a crazy idea, but some of these places also have great indoor facilities. And to the top of that, such locations appear as beautiful in the colder months as they do during the other seasons.

Important tips-

  • Ask around to find cheap outdoor wedding venues near you. You’ll surely find botanical gardens and local parks with meeting or party rooms. You may get the space at an off-season price. Apply the same formula if you’re desirous of a destination
  • You’ll be at an advantage here if you prefer a church wedding. So why not take advantage of the festive decor. Almost all the churches have beautifully decorated interiors for the holiday season. A wedding decor with poinsettias, lilies, and other florals is worth cherishing, indeed. Therefore, you get more in less.
  • In case you book a church, don’t forget to ask about the décor. It will be easier for you to match the colors of your dresses. Possibly, you can also free wedding venues near you with the extensive


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Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

Go for fresh floral and nothing else. It’s classy and most cost-effective to be used in any season. You will be lucky enough to have the best selections of potted flowers, evergreens, and berries for the decorations. Bonus- they are very hardy and remain beautiful for a longer period. You can easily save money with DIY winter wedding decorations, and save huge for your winter wedding ideas on a budget.

Important tips-

  • Luckily, you can get floral cuttings and evergreen branches from Christmas tree vendors and garden shops free. They will make beautiful table arrangements and boughs. Alternatively, check with neighbors and friends too.
  • Try to stick to the seasonal variety if you are looking forward to using artificial florals. A number of craft stores offer deep discounts and big sales on the floral materials. But don’t use “Christmassy” décor. After all, it’s your wedding and not some Christmas event.
  • You can easily find florals in pinks, blues, white and purples during winters. If you prefer Christmas wedding ideas that can help you bring about a natural look of the decoration chose beautiful fruits, berries, and the like.


Lighting Arrangements

Candles top the list when it comes to inexpensive winter wedding ideas on a budget. During the Christmas season, you can find them as cheap as a dollar or two. Borrowing lights/candles from relatives and friends is also a good idea. To give them a charming look, decorate them with either tulle or garlands of greenery. Important tips-

  • If you borrow candles/lights for Christmas wedding on a budget label each one This will make easier for you to find its owner.
  • You can go for white holiday lights over candlelight in case you are looking for a cheapest available option.


Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

Christmas Wedding Ideas for Table Decor

Glass bowls make a great option for simple and classy centerpieces. You either get them at discounted rates or borrow from your dear ones. It is not necessary to match them with other décor items. Arrange colorful small ball ornaments to fill the glass bowls. Here it’s important to coordinate the colors with your décor. The next best option is using tea lights. DIY winter wedding decorations are all about decorating your wedding space with stylish yet cheap things. So, use this benefit to your advantage in the best possible manner and plan perfect winter wedding ideas on a budget.

Important tips-

  • Gingerbread houses prove out to be charming centerpieces for adding some details in the table décor. Multi-coloured candies are good, but sophisticated options. A natural base like the snowy-white icing will make a stunning wedding decor. You can consider adding bits of silver decorator candies, greenery or any other elements matching with your wedding colors.
  • Incorporate a personalized touch, by adding little signs featuring the couple’s names. They will make your wedding décor memorable and beautiful as well.
  • If you are looking for creative and unique winter wedding decoration ideas add customised elements in the party for every guest. It could be some personalized gift or something alike.


Best Winter Wedding Ideas on a budget for Food and Drink

Food and drink always turn out to be a costly portion no matter what season is the wedding. Hence, you need to be a little considerate when deciding food items and drinks for your special day event especially when you are looking for winter wedding ideas on a budget. Look for cheap winter wedding venues before settling with the food section. Some of the venue providers provide affordable banquet options too.

Important tips-

  • Prefer mid-afternoon wedding to avoid a “freezing” event and high pricing food/drinks. You’ll have to serve a full meal in case you keep post-sunset timings for the ceremony. With the day arrangements, you can consider offering appetizers with some light meal to your guests. This will save your money to a great extent.
  • For a winter wedding, it is best to serve tea, mulled cider, or coffee, instead of alcoholic drinks. The warm drinks are more filling and seem cosier.
  • A budgeted wedding calls for creativity. Take your time and explore all the available options before finalizing the things.

It is easy to arrange a beautiful wedding in a restricted budget. Just be considerate of every decision of yours.


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Winter Wedding Ideas / Themes

So you are contemplating themes for your wedding. However, All-white theme tops the list when it comes to a winter wedding, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t any other good options. Here are a couple of winter wedding theme ideas for your help


          1. Classic All-White Wedding Theme

This one tops the list of inexpensive winter wedding ideas on a budget for various reasons. It’s the most cost-effective and easiest wedding theme. The arrangements don’t have to be dazzling compulsorily. You could opt for creams or ivory. It’s all about synchronizing the best, non-colorful elements in the best manner possible. The overall effect should be simple, yet beautiful.

Benefits of All-White Wedding Theme –

  • No struggling with colors as it is a monotone theme.
  • You can choose white for your bridesmaids too. It works out really well.
  • You’ll get to carry a beautiful all-white bouquet and choose winter white posies for your bridesmaids/flower girls.
  • You could consider white confetti for wedding decorations, which is one of the cheap and best options
  • It is easy to find monochromatic décor items.


       2. Combination Wedding Theme

The combination here means contrasting colors. In case you chose this as your theme, be sure to settle with cheap outdoor wedding venues near you and start with the decoration part. Stick to two-color palette for easy and effective arrangements. Bonus- you can keep an interesting buffet.

Benefits of Combination Wedding Theme – 

  • You can create a stunning effect by decorating the tables and chair backs at your reception with the contrasting tablecloths.
  • You won’t be limited to silver or snowflakes with this theme in use. Adding colors to the arrangement will make it even more cheerful.
  • The combination of colors like pretty peach and royal gold offers a warming touch to the “cold” space.
  • You can add fuzzily glows to the décor. Introducing giant LED’s and beautiful fairy lights will give it a cozy feel.


     3. Pine Cone Décor Theme

Are you wondering how a pretty pinecone can make out an attractive theme? Well, this simple place card holder can add a touch of gold to your wedding arrangements. Bonus- it will bring about an extra festive feel. Pinecones can be used for decorating chairs, table, and even your wedding cake and can turn out be one of the best themes for your winter wedding ideas on a budget. Now that’s a wow!

Benefits of Pine Cone Décor Theme –

  • It’s cheerful decoration ideas that are easy on the budget.
  • You’ll have the option of including lots of natural greenery and gold sprayed leaves, to space.
  • Adding glitzy gold (decorated Pinecones) table runners will add another charm to the details of the décor perfectly. This beautiful accent will make a magical combination of fairy lights and candles.
  • It’s easy to create a rustic look (if you prefer so) with this theme is used. Just book one of the cheap winter wedding venues for a perfect arrangement.


      4. The Skiers Theme

If you fail to find free wedding venues near you then there is nothing to worry. Here is a cool and budgeted theme if you happen to be a Skiing lover. With this theme in use, you can go traditional with the décor.

Benefit of the Skiers Theme

  • You’ll have the option of serving warming gluhwein to your guests on arrival.
  • Retro images of skiers will make a great décor element.
  • You can showcase sledges and wooden skis outside your venue.
  • This theme will allow you to include cosy blankets in the arrangements. This will make your guests even more comfortable at the wedding.


     5. The Christmas Theme

When it comes to winter wedding themes, how can’t we go without mentioning about the Christmas mix? On choosing this as your theme, you can add a variety of candles and lanterns, which again are a cheap winter wedding ideas on a budget. Note that fairy lights are not to be skipped anyway.

Benefits of using Christmas Theme

  • No need to arrange the lights evenly, you can consider scattering them extensively to create a Christmas feel.
  • You’ll have the option of providing a romantic glow by lighting candles at the venue first. Consider this idea for Christmas wedding on a budget.
  • With so much lighting around, your wedding photographs are sure to be flawless.
  • You can keep pretty baskets filled with a bundle of blankets. This will keep your guests comfortable.
  • You consider adding a lit-up chalkboard featuring customised signs.


    6. Winter Wonderland Theme

This one is indeed one of the best winter wedding ideas on a budget themes. If you have been dreaming of having a snowy wedding day, you need not check the forecast before deciding your wedding date. This theme will allow you to turn your reception venue into a “snowy” space, even if it doesn’t snow in real. You could spread bare white branches at the venue to create winter wonderland feel. Plus, adding table crystals and sprinkling silver snowflakes over boring white tablecloths will add a touch of excitement to the décor. Recreating a snowy forest is also a great idea.

Benefits of using Winter Wonderland Theme

  • You’ll find countless amazing ideas for this theme. This will make your selection for venue decoration easy.
  • You can write the names of your guests on shimmering silver place cards, and put them snowflake candle bags. This will make your guests feel special at the venue.
  • This theme will allow you to add large white church candles (in case it’s an indoor venue) for a cosy and gorgeous feel.


The Bottom Line

The wedding is a big day and you should make it the best day for you with amazing arrangements. That doesn’t mean you need to have a heavy budget to get things done. You can easily plan winter wedding ideas on a budget by just using a few tips and tricks mentioned in this article. Just focus on your goal. Be smart enough and get into bargains, while hanging up with the sales deals. This will leave you with cheap wedding venues and best supplies at budgeted rates. Embrace the magical festive season for the “magical day” of your life. You need not write off your wedding as a “cold affair”. Just pick one of the winter wedding themes from the list above, add a touch of your style to it and you are sorted for the best winter wedding ideas on a budget. Most importantly, don’t miss on enjoying every moment of your big day. That is what matters above all!

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